How to create a stunning digital photograph

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  • Using the flash without the bad effects.
  • Use the composition to take great pictures with any camera.
  • Shutter speed to block the action or movement of the blur.


Stunning digital photography is much more than a book; is a practical and self-paced photography course with over 14 hours of online training videos and free help from the author and other readers. This is why the award-winning book by author and photographer Tony Northrup is the photography book n. 1 with over 250,000 readers.

This book offers you five innovations that no other book offers:
1) Free video training. Watch over 12 hours of interactive and hectic video tutorials built into the book to support and reinforce lessons. Watch videos using any web browser or scan QR codes with your smartphone.
2) Practical practices. Complete the practices at the end of each chapter to get the real-world experience you need.
3) Practice quizzes. At the end of chapters 2-13 you have the option to take an online quiz to apply what you learned in the chapter and make sure you don’t miss anything important.
4) Support in the classroom. Join an author who has led the private community of supportive and helpful people who also want to improve their photography.
5) free ebook with lifetime updates. When you buy the book and join the community of Stunning Digital Photography readers, you can download the ebook and copy it to your smartphone or to your ereader for easy reference. The ebook is regularly updated with new content and videos as new trends and photographic equipment emerge, so it never becomes obsolete.

In this book, beginner photographers will check:
* Using the composition to take great pictures with any camera
* Exposure adjustment to control the brightness of your photos
* Setting the shutter speed to lock the action or blur
* Check the aperture to blur or focus the background
* ISO setting for bright and dark environments
* Find a beautiful natural light for landscapes and portraits
* Use of flash without the bad effects
* Troubleshooting blurred, dark and bad images
* Take great pictures of pets
* Nature photography (mammals, birds, insects, fish and more)
* Taking pictures at night, including fireworks, stars and meteors
* Photographing sunrises, sunsets, landscapes, urban landscapes, flowers, forests, waterfalls, rivers, fireworks and more

Advanced photographers can jump forward to learn the professional’s secrets for:
* Posing men and women with checklists
* Taking candid, casual, formal and underwater portraits
* Using RAW files
* Using HDR to overcome lighting challenges or create art
* Macro / close-up photography
* Use of diffusers, reflectors and other light modifiers
* Remote activation of multiple flashes for inexpensive studio lighting
* Build a permanent study in your home
* Using studio lighting on any budget
* Filming of your first marriage
* High speed photography
* Exploration of the position / search for the best points and times
* Planning shoots around the sun and the moon
* Creation of star trails using two techniques: long exposure and image stacking
* Light painting
* Elimination of noise
* Focus enhancement for infinite depth of field
* Underwater photography
* Get closer to the wild nature
* Using the electronic shutter triggers