American entrepreneur

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  • American Entrepreneur also tells the story of the Robertson family.
  • The original founding father, George Washington.


America is the last start-up venture – and these are the heroes that made it happen

The history of the United States is, to a large extent, the story of its entrepreneurs, of those daring moved and who dreamed big and risked everything to build better lives for themselves and their American companions.
Drawing from his family’s extraordinary journey, Duck Commander CEO and star of the Duck Dynasty series, Willie Robertson, tells the compelling story of visionaries and actors who embodied the American dream.

Let’s start with the first American entrepreneurs, the Native Americans, who established a highly sophisticated commercial network across the earth on pre-colonial days. The original founding father, George Washington, was also a founding entrepreneur, at the head of a thriving agro-industrial activity that gave him the executive capacity to lead the nation in the darkest hours of the American revolution. Then, of course, there were the mega entrepreneurs, legendary figures like Astor, Vanderbilt, Carnegie and Rockefeller, who transformed America, connected the country with kilometers of railway tracks and provided the fuel and steel that would help make the America the most powerful nation on earth. And in recent years, business visionaries like Jobs, Gates and Zuckerberg – not to mention the thousands of equally vital, but smaller, operators that pop up every year – have ushered in America in the twenty-first century.

American Entrepreneur also tells the story of the Robertson family, telling how Willie’s family has transformed a humble regional duck producer, founded by his father Phil, into an international powerhouse brand. From a young age, Willie had the entrepreneurial insect, buying sweets in bulk and selling it on the school bus. He made special orders and earned a small fortune for a ten-year-old until he was dragged into the principal’s office and told him to drop it. So he turned his attention to Phil’s nascent business, helping him in every way possible, from folding an infinite number of cardboard boxes to serving as the company’s customer service, even though he wasn’t yet out of elementary school. Willie helped build Duck Commander, which he now manages, into a global brand, culminating in the mega success of the Duck Dynasty TV show.

American Entrepreneur tells a more American story, of those of us who, through their vision, ingenuity and good old work, have done something that changed the world.