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Madrid is the Capital of Spain and is a city of elegance, vibrancy, and luxury. Its streets are lined with expansive parks, bustling markets, boulevards full of art galleries, and designer stores.

It’s a place where art lovers can get inspired by world-class European art, or be dazzled by the baroque architecture of the Royal Palace and Armory.

There are so many unmissable things to do in Madrid, that it can be tough knowing what attractions to add to your itinerary.

To help you out, we interviewed Lauren Aloise from Spanish Sabores, who has been living in Madrid since 2012. Lauren has shared with us her insider tips on the best attractions in Madrid and places to visit, including where to eat, sleep, drink, shop, and explore.

Madrid is a city that has something for everyone, and you’ll feel like you belong from the very first day.

Offering world-class museums, shopping on every budget, incredible cuisine, and gorgeous architecture Madrid keeps tourists coming back year after year.

It is a big city, but feels more like many small towns, as every neighborhood has a very distinctive character.

It’s a place where people-watching is fun, you can order a beer at any time of day, and it is impossible to run out of things to explore and discover.

Are 2 days enough for Madrid?

If you’re not sure how many days to spend in Madrid, I would say allocate two full days at the minimum. This is the least amount of time you need to see all the highlights.

If you can, stretch your trip over three days so you don’t have to rush to see it all in.

Things to Do in Madrid

Now you know why you should visit and for how long, it’s time to introduce you to the top attractions in Madrid! Make sure you add some of these to your itinerary.

1. Marvel At Amazing Art at Prado Museum

Everyone who visits Madrid must visit the Prado Museum, art lover or not. It is overwhelmingly big, but you can take advantage of the free entry hours (Monday – Saturday, 6 PM – 8 PM, and Sundays and public holidays, 5 PM – 7 PM) to get just a taste of what’s inside.

2. Have a Picnic In Retiro Park

I also take my visitors to Madrid for a walk through the lovely El Retiro Park, a great place to bring a picnic when the weather is nice.

It’s the largest urban park in Madrid and features a lake, manicured lawns, and flower gardens. The park once belonged to the Spanish Monarchy but was given to the public in the late 19th century.

3. Watch a Flamenco Show

Some of the best flamenco dancers in the world perform in Madrid, so if you enjoy the arts, a flamenco show is a must.

If you’re not familiar with flamenco, it’s a form of folk dance from Southern Spain, that has been a huge part of Spanish culture since the late.

You’ll find many venues offering flamenco performances, but one of my favourites is the historical Torres Bermejas Tablao. It opened in the and has a stunning, ornately designed interior inspired by Arabic influence.

As you watch the beautiful dances, you get to dine on traditional Spanish food, whilst watching the performance of a live band with singers, guitarists, and clappers.

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